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September 9, 2011

Take Note

University Senate seeks members for committees

The University Senate invites Emory community members to serve on one of the standing committees.

Erica Brownfield, University Senate president, asks interested participants to respond by Tuesday, Sept. 20. 

The representative body for all constituencies of the University is looking for wide representation of faculty, staff and students on all nine Senate committees. 

These committees consider issues in areas such as campus development, transportation and parking, athletics and recreation, libraries, campus life, the natural environment, honorary degrees, safety and security, and fringe benefits.

The committees review university policies and proposals, initiate policy recommendations, and provide a forum for discussion of policies and practices in various areas of university life.

Terms of membership are one academic year, renewable for up to three years.  The committees meet regularly and, Brownfield notes, sometimes divide into working groups for particular initiatives.

"Although some committees are full, others are in need of new members," Brownfield says.

Send an email to the chairperson of the committee with a brief statement of your interest in the committee’s work, or click the "Join" button on the website under the committee you are interesting in joining.

Employee Council extends its call

The Employee Council also issues an invitation to serve on its committees. Interested participants can view the Council's committees, then email Employee Council President Jessica Perlove to respond.

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