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December 7, 2011

Emory Law launches Juris Master degree for working professionals

This fall, Emory Law will launch a new Juris Master degree program for working professionals, graduate students and select undergraduates, to aid their understanding of how law intersects with their particular disciplines and areas of interest.

"It is important to think of law schools as not simply training lawyers, but as providing a broad legal education to both lawyers and non-lawyers," says Robert Schapiro, interim dean of Emory Law. "An understanding of legal principles is increasingly important in a growing number of fields. Professionals in business, technology, journalism, engineering, politics and health care are not traditionally served by the legal education system, but will often benefit from a grounding in the law that applies to their areas."

By way of example, a health care professional in the Juris Master program might undertake a course of study including administrative law, health law, regulation of health care providers and torts. An environmental engineer might choose courses including construction law, environmental law, land use regulation and patent law. A business professional might take business associations, corporate finance and deal skills courses, such as contract drafting and mergers and acquisitions.

The 24-credit-hour program may be completed on either a full-time basis in one year or on a part-time basis over no more than four years. The JM degree will offer students a foundational introduction to U.S. law, including one or two courses drawn from the Juris Doctor core curriculum. Students will have the option to complete coursework in an area of their interest or choose to focus their JM in one of Emory Law’s existing concentration areas.

Emory Law will offer a 15 percent Founders Scholarship to Emory University or Emory Healthcare employees who are accepted to the JM program and enroll in either fall 2012 or spring 2013. Employees also may be eligible for the Courtesy Scholarship program, or another education benefit program.

Applications for the JM program will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline of April 15 for fall 2012, and Oct. 15 for spring 2013.

Read more about the Juris Master Program and application requirements at or download a program brochure.

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