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Housing Operations

Under the direction of the Associate Vice President (Campus Life), Housing Operations include the following functional areas: Housing Facilities, Operations, Communications, Technology, and Conference Services.

phone | 404.727.7631
email | housing@emory.edu

e.bymaster Eric Bymaster
Associate Vice President - Finance, Administration, Operations
Campus Life


Elaine Turner
Senior Director of Housing Operations

The Senior Director of Housing Operations oversees Emory's housing operations. She has responsibility for all personnel, facilities, and budgetary matters involving the administration of all student housing.


Sherry Ebrahimi
Director of Conference Services and Housing Operations

The Director of Conferences and Housing Operations runs the summer conference program and leads the team responsible for managing the housing selection and assignment processes.


Jeff Tate
Associate Director of Facilities & Operations

The Associate Director of Operations oversees sorority and fraternity housing facilities and supervises fraternity house directors.

Kenneth Jones
Customer Service Manager
Raoul Center
Marian Hudson
Administrative Assistant
Raoul Center

Brenda Robinson
Senior Customer Service Representative
Clairmont Campus

j.francois James Francois
Associate Director of Housing Operations

Responsible for housing selection, assignments and contracts/agreements.

Josh Josh Gilbert
Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations

The Assistant Director of Housing Operations communicates maintenance issues and capital project developments between Housing Operations and Campus Services.

Bob Hamilton
Director of Housing Technologies

The IT staff is responsible for maintaining the technology infrastructure within the offices of Residence Life and Housing Operations. They coordinate the relationships with other University programs that provide telephone, cable television, and ethernet (data) connections in campus housing. Emory's Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) has the ultimate responsibility of maintaining the IT infrastructure within these areas.

Although we are happy to direct you to the proper support staff, students experiencing problems with their computer, phone, or cable connections should contact LITS. If students are experiencing problems with their computers, wireless or cable connections, please call 404.727.7777.