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Committee Members

In the development of the living-learning communities, Residence Life & Housing brought together students, faculty, staff, and administrators to sit on committees to help shape the communities. Below are members who helped to develop the current living-learning communities.

Citizenship FYE | Living Green FYE | Second Year at Emory

Citizenship Steering Committee
Robert A. Brown, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
Alex Kappus, First-Year Student
Dr. Andy Wilson, Director of Residence Life
Anna Can Scoyoc, Emory Libraries
Dr. Arri Eisen, Biology
Austin Fraver, Second-Year Student
Elizabeth Cox, Residence Life
Dr. John Wegner, Enviromental Studies
Dr. Robert Bartlett, Political Science
Roger Montiel, Residence Life
Scott Allen, Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Sheila Teftt, Journalism
Tina Chang, Residence Life

Living Green Steering Committee
Roger Montiel, Residence Life
Judith Pannell, Residence Life
Adam Hoffman, Student
Dr. Andy Wilson, Director of Residence Life
Angela Duprey, Assistant Director of Marketing (Athletics)
Dr. Carolyn Livingston, Special Assistant to Sr. Vice President and Dean of Campus Life
Ciannat Howett JD, Director - Office of Sustainability Initiatives
David Giffin, Student
EJ Keisari, Student
Dr. Jason Breyan, Director of Academic Advising
Dr. John Wegner, Environmental Studies
Dr. Karen Hegtvedt, Sociology
Kyle Bates, Student
Libby Egnor, Associate Director of BBA Program
Marc Cordon, Multicultural Programs and Services
Dr. Matthew Weinschenk, Chemistry
Michael Reardon, Student
Nancy Reinhold, Emory Libraries
Pace Austin, Second-Year Student
Dr. Peter Sederberg, Special Assistant to Provost (Undergraduate Initiatives)
Dr. Preetha Ram, Assistant Dean (Science)
Scott Allen, Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Tina Chang, Director of Communications (Residence Life)
Walter Ecton, Student

Second Year at Emory Committee
Andrea Trinklein PhD, Executive Director of Residence Life
Joseph Dee, Residence Life
Heather Zesiger, Director of Health Education & Promotion
Corey Dortch, Student Activities
Sally Wolff-King PhD, Sophomore Class Dean
Kayla Hamilton, Associate Director of Residence Life
Britney Sanders, Career Center
Jason Breyan PhD, Office of Undergraduate Education
Lee Smith, Office of Undergraduate Education
Melody Porter, Director of Volunteer Emory
Virginia Plummer LMSW, Coordinator of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program