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Your Living Green FYE Staff

Living Green: Sustainability in the 21st Century is staffed by a Complex Director, nine Resident Advisors, and eighteen Sophomore Advisors. Each floor will have one RA and 2 SAs.

The Complex Director is supervised by the Area Director, Ryan Roche '03Ox '05C.

k_griffith Kyle Griffith is the current Complex Director for the Living Green LLC. Kyle hails from Chicago, IL, and most recently came to Emory from the University of Delaware, where he earnedhis Master of Arts in Counseling in Higher Education and gained experience in Residence Life, student leadership, and health and wellness promotion programming. Kyle first made sustainability in the residence halls his mission while completing his undergraduate education at Illinois Wesleyan University and found kindred spirits in the staff and students of Oberlin College, where he worked for a few years before heading to graduate school. Besides being a champion of sustainability, Kyle enjoys exploring Atlanta, hanging out & getting to know his residents, and living the dream every moment. If you have an idea that you think will improve the Fevans community or effect change, feel free to have a seat onthe couch in Kyle’s office so we can make it a reality together!

Resident Advisors are full-time, undergraduate students who – under the supervision and direction of the Complex Director – serve as educators, counselors, administrators, role models, friends, and team members for the residents of a floor or wing in a residence hall. The RA works to create and maintain a healthy environment for the academic and personal growth of the students within his/her assigned living unit.

Sophomore Advisors are volunteers, chosen for their leadership skills and enthusiasm, who assist first-year students in adjusting to college life. They are sophomores who live on freshmen floors and assist the RA and CD in creating an atmosphere of community.

Learn more about your 2013-14 Few/Evans staff below!
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Evans 1

Sam Liss, RA
Metuchen, NJ
Major: History

My favorite thing about SUSTAINABILITY is making a better future.

Shureed Kabir, SA
Suwanee, GA
Major: Chemistry

I LIVE GREEN by putting on extra layers when its cold, instead of turning up the thermostat!
Tyler Stern, SA
Plainsboro, NJ
Major: Physics/Astronomy

I LIVE GREEN by turning off the faucet between usages and recycling plastics because I want to make a difference in my community and not because Captain Planet threatened to turn me into a tree.


Evans 2

David Fish, RA
Springfield, OH
Major: Computer Science/Comparative Literature

I LIVE GREEN by keeping the water off when I brush my teeth and by driving the speed limit -- it saves gas!

Elyssa Hausman, SA
Hollywood, FL
Major: Psychology

My favorite thing about SUSTAINABILITY is knowing that by taking the little steps now, I am making a large difference for the future!
Christa Nutor, SA
Columbus, OH
Major: Business

I LIVE GREEN by recycling and taking the stairs. I get a mini-anxiety attack when I go back home and see someone throw plastic or paper in a trash can because I have become accustomed to this seemingly small act of helping the environment that is promoted at Emory. Additionally, taking the stairs is emphasized in Fevans and by anybody who desires a sustainable world because it saves energy and is great exercise!


Evans 3

Amanda Mui, RA
Los Gatos, CA
Major: Chemistry/
International Studies

I LIVE GREEN by taking the stairs, drinking from the tap, using reusable grocery bags, reducing consumption of resources, and doing the small things that collectively work towards making a more sustainable society.

Andrew Block, SA
Atlanta, GA
Major: NBB/History

I LIVE GREEN by not letting the water run as I brush my teeth.
Matty Simon, SA
New York, NY
Major: Environmental Studies

I LIVE GREEN by bringing my own reusable bags when going grocery shopping, and always carrying my Camelbak water bottle with me.


Evans 4

Berit Reisenauer, RA
Seattle, WA
Major: Religion/Political Science

I LIVE GREEN by recycling all my paper, aluminum, and plastic products, turning the lights off every time I leave a room, and by taking lots of hikes in the Cascade Mountains! :)

Gavon Broomfield, SA
Bronx, NY
Major: NBB

I LIVE GREEN by turning off the lights whenever I leave a room and turning of the faucet while I am brushing my teeth.
Revenel Metayer, SA
Naples, FL
Major: Biology

I LIVE GREEN by walking to places nearby, carpooling with friends, and taking public transportation when possible.


Evans 5

Tad Manalo, RA
Flemington, NJ
Major: Biology

I LIVE GREEN by setting an example in my community.

Zeena Lattouf, SA
Atlanta, GA
Major: Middle Eastern Studies/English

I LIVE GREEN by aggressively forcing my mother to recycle our paper, plastics, and aluminum containers that we use at home. At Emory, I chose to walk up stairs versus take the elevator-- let's be honest, I mostly do it for the calorie burn-- and instead of buying many water bottles from the library, I refill my bottle.
Meredith Stedman, SA
New Orleans, LA
Major: Undecided

My favorite thing about SUSTAINABILITY is how good I feel knowing that I'm living green.


Few 2

Bari Fuchs, RA
Bellmore, NY
Major: NBB

I LIVE GREEN by taking the stairs, shutting the lights, drinking from a reusable water bottle, and limiting my use of plastic grocery bags.

Ci Ci Li, SA
Seattle, WA
Major: International Studies

I LIVE GREEN by carrying a reusable shopping bag, printing double sided, and composting my food.
Elyse Schupak, SA
White Plains, NY
Major: Business/Dance

I LIVE GREEN by using reusable water bottles and shopping bags, turning off the lights when I leave a room, and learning about new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly habits into by daily routine!


Few 3

Jordan Pople, RA
Houston, TX
Major: Business

I LIVE GREEN by walking most places instead of driving. It's good exercise and better for the environment.

Ayanna Smith, SA
Stockbridge, GA
Major: Spanish

My favorite thing about SUSTAINABILITY is that there are at least 7349 ways to be sustainable.
Shae' Street, SA
Columbia, SC
Major: Pre-Nursing

I LIVE GREEN by not taking extra long showers even when I've had a rough day.


Few 4

Sasha Palmer, RA
Chicago, IL
Major: NBB

I LIVE GREEN by riding my bike locally, making use of reusable bags, and carpooling/using public transportation when possible. Also, scuba diving has made me more aware of things I can do to help protect the aquatic environment and its resources, such as using less water or awareness of marine life.

T.J. Libecap, SA
Los Angeles, CA
Major: NBB/Political Science

I LIVE GREEN by avoiding unsustainable foods such as beef and always taking the stairs and shutting the lights. Not only is living green helpful to the environment but it is also beneficial to my health!
Ross Shulman, SA
Bellmore, NY
Major: Political Science

I LIVE GREEN by riding my bike at home; by using MARTA at school; by reducing, reusing, recycling; and by being cognizant of my carbon footprint.


Few 5

Justin Ho, RA
Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Biology

I LIVE GREEN by drinking water from hydration stations and tap instead of bottled water.

Meg Airey, SA
Chicago, IL
Major: NBB/Psychology

I LIVE GREEN by composting, using reusable water bottles, recycling, and also taking the stairs and shutting the lights. I'm also constantly looking for ways to change my behavior to reduce my carbon footprint and make my habits more sustainable.
Lily Chen, SA
San Jose, CA
Major: Anthropology/Human Biology

I LIVE GREEN by using a reusable water bottle, taking the stairs, and using energy-efficient light bulbs at home.