Throughout your second year of college, several major landmarks should be reached to ensure future academic and professional success. In order to help you achieve these landmarks, we developed a series of challenges that are meant to encouarge and help make the most of your second year at Emory!

As a second-year student, you should:

1. Declare a major that is right for you.
2. Meet with an academic advisor to help create a plan for your academic goals.
3. Connect with a faculty member outside the classroom.
4. Join an extracurricular activity that is important and meaningful to you.
5. Write a resume that you can use in an application or interview.
6. Pursue an experience that will build upon your coursework and apply your skills outside of the classroom.
7. Participate in a career-related program or workshop that will prepare you for your professional goals.
8. Make a plan to sustain or improve your health and wellbeing.


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