Roommate Agreement

Do not skip ANY questions. This form will FAIL if any answers are omitted!

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This is:

Name of resident completing this form(Roommate A):
          First:           Last:
          EMail:           Student ID:

NOTE: A copy of this form will be e-mailed to the resident and all roommate addresses included below.
Please describe each roommate's response with Roommate A, Roommate B, etc. or the roommates' names in your answers.

Roommate B:
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Roommate C:
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Roommate D:
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Roommate E:
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Roommate F:
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We are:
          VERY NEAT

If a roommate differs on the level of neatness, how can we compromise?:

Have we set up a cleaning schedule for the shared area?:           YES           NO

Have we set up a cleaning schedule for the shared bathroom (if applicable)?:           YES           NO

Have we set up a cleaning schedule for the kitchen (if applicable)?:           YES           NO

What is the the cleaning schedule?:

Do we prefer certain tasks? Are there some things we can’t stand to do? (vacuuming, dusting, taking out trash, etc...):

Do we like the furniture arrangement?:           YES           NO           IF APPLICABLE

Do we like the room cool or warm?:           COOL           WARM

Personal Habits:

Are any of us sensitive to smoke?:           YES           NO
What are the special circumstances in which we could/could not return to the room after drinking?

What other things about us should others know? (Sleep walking, allergies, snoring, etc.)

Do we like to be greeted every time we see each other?:           YES           NO

Personal Property:

Do we mind sharing personal items with one another?:           YES           NO
If it’s OK, which items are for common use?
Which items are off limits?

Do we want to be asked before others (guests, hallmates, etc.) use/borrow our things?:           YES           NO

How will the CDs, DVDs, TV, shared?

When should the door be locked? (only while we sleep, while we are out, all the time, etc.)?
                     * NOTE: Residence Life & Housing strongly encourages you to lock your door
                     to ensure your own safety and that of your belongings.*

Quiet Time:

When do we usually go to sleep (list time for each roommate)?

Can we sleep with other things going on (lights, music, guests, talking, etc.)?:           YES           NO
If so, what things are permissible?

How early is "too early" for phone calls, Instant Messaging and typing in the room?

How late is "too late" for phone calls, Instant Messaging and typing in the room?

What amount of noise is acceptable when we come in late?

Would it bother us if we repeatedly exited and re-entered the room?:           YES           NO

Do we mind if the lights get turned on while one of us is napping or sleeping?:           YES           NO

What time do we wake up (list time for each roommate)?

How much noise is acceptable in the morning when we are getting ready for class?

Which of us are night owls or early birds?:

If we are making too much noise, how will we tell each other?
How do we want to be told?

Are there times when we want to be left alone in our room? What are those times?

Is there a time of day when we like to nap?

Study Time:

When do we study (day or night)?:           DAY           NIGHT           BOTH

Does another’s music/TV bother us when studying?:           YES           NO

Do we study in the lounges, our room or the library?:
          LOUNGES           ROOM           LIBRARY           ALL

Do we study a little each day or cram?:
          A LITTLE EACH DAY           CRAM           IT VARIES

If we cram, do we expect complete quiet for us?:           YES           NO

Would we prefer to set study times with one another?:           YES           NO
If so, what times need to be set?

Visitations and Guests:

What times do we prefer to have visitors?

How much advance notice (if any) would we like for overnight guests? (family, partners, etc...)

What visitors are allowed in our room? (same sex, opposite sex, family, etc...):

Are groups of friends allowed?:           YES           NO

How do we feel about being intimate while others are in the room?

How do we feel about visitors being left in the room when we aren’t present?

When we are gone, can guests sleep in our bed?:           YES           NO

If we were going to be gone overnight, for the weekend or longer, what kind of information would we give one
another as to where we would be or when we would be returning?

As residents we have discussed and agreed upon the above conditions. We understand that during the course of the academic year, we may revise this agreement if need be.

Direct this form to the staff of the following residence hall: