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Checking Out

Students residing on campus have two options for check out: Traditional Checkout and Express Checkout.

Traditional Checkout

Traditional Checkout involves you (the student) signing up for a appointment with your RA, and having your RA walk through your room with you prior to departure.

Traditional Checkout is a more thorough process. Choose this option if:

  • you do not feel comfortable with the condition of your room;
    • your roommate has not yet departed and you're not sure if s/he will clean the room before s/he leaves;
    • there are questionable damages to the room;
    • furniture is missing;
    • you have questions about charges that may be billed.
  • you want an RA to assess the condition of your room prior to your departure;
  • you would like an opportunity to fix any problems found before you check out.


  • Your RA will post a schedule of available times for Traditional Checkouts.
  • Decide on when you're leaving and sign up for a time about 30 minutes before you have to depart.
  • Pack and remove your belongings from your room before your appointment time.
  • Contact your RA at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Walk through your room with your RA; s/he may indicate areas of your room that may need extra cleaning, or is likely to be assessed damage charges.
  • Turn in your keys and sign your Room Condition Report as you depart.

Express Checkout

Express Checkout is the quicker of the two checkout processes. Choose this option if:

  • you feel your room is in "good condition" (as outlined here);
  • you are leaving very early or very late at night;
  • you want a simple and quick checkout process.


  • Your RA will pass out an Express Checkout Envelope to you.
  • COMPLETELY fill out the envelope and read all the information on the back.
  • Pack and remove all your belongings from the room.
  • Once you have finished packing and are ready to go, place your keys inside the envelope and seal it.
  • Turn in the sealed envelope to the designated Express Checkout drop-off location for your building.
  • Enjoy your summer!