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Damage Billing: Estimates & Procedures

The charge schedule below is provided as a reminder that, in the event of damage, missing furniture, or excessive trash, the Residence Life or Housing incurs specific costs to ready residence hall rooms for the next occupant.

Resident costs for damage repair equal, at a maximum, the cost of materials, shipping, and delivery PLUS the cost of labor.

If you have incurred a damage charge, you wil receive a statement from the Business Office via your OPUS account. Bills must be paid within 30 days.

» DAMAGE ESTIMATES CENTRAL AND SORORITY 2015-2016 (Alabama, Complex, Dobbs, Evans, Few, Harris, Holmes, Longstreet-Means, Raoul, Sorority Village, Turman and Woodruff Residential Center)
» DAMAGE ESTIMATES HOUSES 2015-2016 (Fraternity and Theme)
» DAMAGE ESTIMATES URC AND CRC 2015-2016 (URC & CRC - Building A, Building B, Building C, Building D, Building E, Building F, Building G, Building H)


If the individual(s) responsible for the damage have neither come forward nor been identified by others, then the cost of the damage will be divided evenly among all residents of the affected area. Individuals found responsible for vandalism face disciplinary action that may include financial restitution, work hours with maintenance, disciplinary probation, and suspension or expulsion from the residence hall/suite/apartment/townhouse/or College.

Residents may be held liable for all losses or damages resulting from negligent and/or purposeful acts, or violations of University regulations. Violations of University regulations may result in removal from housing with no financial credit for the unelapsed term of the Housing Agreement, or denial of University housing for future years.