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Tips for Avoiding Damages

You can avoid damage charges by taking the time to report any problems in your room:

  • When you move in, take time to review your room condition carefully. Note any paint chips, nail holes, missing or damaged furniture, etc. Problems should be noted via a Room Condition report on your MyHousing page.
  • If you change rooms during the year, make sure you submit any condition issues for your new assignment.
  • Failure to note any problems in your room at check in could result in damage charges at the end of the year.

Other tips to avoid potential charges:

  • Before you move out, clean your room in order to avoid the excessive cleaning charge ($30 minimum).
  • Do not remove furniture from your room or from building common areas. Removal of University-owned furniture may result in expensive individual or common area billings and/or disciplinary action.
  • Do not take University-owned furniture outdoors. If furniture is left outside in the weather, the furniture will be replaced and students will be billed.
  • To hang posters, decorations, and other items on walls, use painter's tape or thumb tacks. The use of adhesive or fasteners that alter the existing integrity of the surfaces to which they are applied will result in charges for room repair and painting. Command strips, foam tape, and similar adhesive are very diffeicult to remove without damaging the surface. No items should be hung from the ceiling.
  • Remember that you are responsible for the exterior and interior appearance of your door(s). DO not write on, paint, or otherwise deface the surfaces of your door(s).
  • Do not tamper with fire equipment. The misuse of this equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, pull stations, etc.) will result in a minumum $200 fee and disciplinary action.
  • If you know who is responsible for causing damage to either University property or personal property, report it to a Residence Life staff member.
  • When you see damage occurring, take steps to prevent it from going any further.