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Move Out Preparations

As you prepare to vacate for the summer months, please familiarize yourself with the following information that was sent to on-campus residents. Students will be held responsible for all information contained in the email and all subsequent information regarding closing, so please be sure to review it carefully and contact our office if you need any clarification.


Late Stay Requests

Because of a very quick turnaround for summer programs and building renovations this year, we are unable to make exceptions to the move out date for non-graduating students. All non-graduating students should plan to move out of the halls 24-hours after their last exam and no later than noon on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Please plan accordingly.

If you make arrangements to depart after the closing date, you will have to make your own off-campus housing arrangements as late stays without written permission from Residence Life and Housing cannot be accommodated.

If you are part of a group that is participating in Commencement activities, please contact your advisor to place your name on the approved late stay list.
If you are an athlete, please contact your coach who will coordinate late stay requests.

Please note that some students participating in "approved late stay" activities may not be approved to stay on campus because of the summer and/or construction/renovation schedule. These buildings include: Clairmont Tower, Clairmont CRC E, Clairmont URC A and C, 22 Eagle Row, Evans, Few, Sorority Lodge A-E, Raoul Halls.

If you feel you have a compelling reason to stay in the halls past May 5, please send an email explaining your situation to housing@emory.edu. Please include:

Your building (house, residence hall) and room number with "Late Stay Request" in the subject heading
The detailed reason for your request.
When you are departing. Requests to stay past Tuesday, May 9 at 2:00 PM will not be granted.
Reliable contact information, such as a cell phone number.

Requests may be fully granted, partially granted, or not granted at all. Approval is not automatic.

The deadline for submitting late stay requests is Friday, April 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM. Any requests submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Planning Ahead

More than likely, you have significantly more stuff now that when you arrived in August. Now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to pack up. It is important that you take everything with you, as anything left behind will be discarded in accordance with our policies.

Shipping & Storage: Residence Life and Housing does not endorse a particular storage company. Students may contract with any storage company. Students are responsible for working individually with any company they contract with in regards to storage and shipping.

Remember that University Mail services in the DUC ships packages as well; they can be contacted at eumail@emory.edu.

Keep in mind that "pods" are not allowed on campus (central or Clairmont). Residence Life and Housing cannot store belongings for you over the summer and you may not keep items in your room even if you are returning to the same room in the Fall.

Don't Dump It, Donate It! Emory Recycles sponsors donation trucks that will be parked around campus during move out. Please consider donating personal items that you no longer need to benefit others. Donation carts will be available in the lobby area of each building starting April 18. Please note that donation items cannot be left in building lobbies or hallways.

If you must dump it... dumpsters will be placed in the following locations on May 4: DUC Loading Dock, Woodruff Residential Center, Complex/Harris, Sorority Village and Clairmont Tower.

Do you have a refrigerator or loft? Refrigerators and lofts installed by Collegiate Concepts will be removed after move out beginning May 6. If you have moved rooms, please make sure that Collegiate Concepts knows.

Any lofts or refrigerators supplied by other vendors will have to be removed prior to your move out. Please make arrangements with these vendors to have them pick up your rentals. Residence Life and Housing will not be responsible for items left behind once you check out, so be sure to plan this sooner than later!

Bicycles: All bicycles must be taken home for the summer. If you are staying for summer school, please make sure you take your bike to Clairmont Campus before May 9, 2017. After May 9, bikes will be considered as abandoned and treated as such.

All bicycles on central campus bike racks must be taken home for the summer or you may take advantage of Bicycle South's summer storage program. For $45, Bike Emory's partner (Bicycle South) will securely store your bike over the summer and wipe down, lube the chain, and inflate your tires before you pick up your bike in the fall.

Tips for Avoiding Charges

Though packing/moving isn't always fun, there are certain actions you can take to make the move out process smooth and easy.

  1. Clean Your Room
    You should leave your room in the condition it was when you arrived! The three (3) most common charges in 2015-2016 were: wall damages, excessive carpet cleaning, and furniture-related (broken furniture, missing furniture, abandoned property removal). All three of these charges can be easily avoided by a thorough cleaning of your room. A thorough cleaning includes all of the following:
    • vacuum all carpets
    • wipe down furniture, including the inside of all drawers
    • clean out closets
    • clean your sink! (no signs of dirt, toothpaste, stains)
    • Take everything off the walls, including: tape, hooks, tacks, other adhesives
    • take out all trash/recycling to designated receptacles (trash/recycling room, trash chute, dumpster, etc.)
    • all bathroom & kitchen areas (if applicable) should be cleaned & scrubbed down
    Do not leave trash or personal belongings in your room, hallway, or stacked outside a trash/recycling room. Additional fees may be incurred by residents for excessive trash removal in these areas.
  2. Clean Your Bathroom (if you live in a suite/apartment)
    In addition to cleaning your bedroom, you can avoid excessive cleaning charges by doing a good job cleaning your bathroom. This includes scrubbing down all fixtures (sinks, toilets, bathtubs/showers), polishing metal surfaces, wiping down your vanity (including the inside of cabinets & drawers), cleaning your mirror, and mopping the bathroom floor. Please do not throw away your university-issued shower curtain or rings. Please try to clean your shower curtain to the best of your ability.
  3. Turn in your keys!
    If you do not turn in your keys when you vacate, you will be charged for the lock change to your room. Keys cannot be mailed back to our office after you move out.
  4. Sign all paperwork
    It is important for you to read over all of the check out information that is sent to you and that you SIGN and DATE your Express Check Out Envelope (if applicable.) This will help ensure that you are not charged for improper checkout.
  5. Be aware of your check out date and time
    Pay attention to when you have to be completely moved out of your room, with keys and paperwork turned in! You will be charged $50/hour for each hour (up to $300/day) that you fail to vacate your room. After you move out, there is a quick turnover to summer school and summer conference housing; custodial and maintenance staff need as much time as we can give them to get the buildings ready again.