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What NOT to Bring

Perhaps more importantly, here are a few things that you MUST LEAVE AT HOME!

- Pets
- Full-size refrigerator
- Firearms, weapons
- Fireworks
- Hot plates
- Mini indoor grills (à la George Foreman)
- Microwave (allowed only in apartment-style residences)
- Any appliance with exposed heating coil
- Candles or incense
- Extension cords or multiple-plug converter; only surge protectors with a reset button are allowed in residential facilities.
- Halogen lamps (i.e. floor lamps or any desk lamp that uses a halogen bulb)
- Coil lighting or string lights
- Waterbed
- Air conditioners
- Ceiling fans
- Space heaters
- Plug-in air fresheners
- Velcro, double sided tape, hooks with double sided tape, etc. will damage the walls when removed and are prohibited
- all types of equipment used in creating a local wireless network. This includes but is not limited to WiFi routers, hubs and switches, as well as (active)WiFi printers and Range Extenders.

Here are a few things that we recommend you leave at home:

- Expensive clothing and jewelry
- Off-season clothes
- Large pieces of luggage