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Crossroads Retreat

The Crossroads Retreat is an amazing opportunity for first-year Emory students build friendships and gain support as they transition into the Emory community. Led by the Crossroads Leaders and OMPS Staff, each Crossroads Retreat takes up to 40 participants on a 3-day, 2-night experience that has been frequently described as "life-changing." Two Crossroads Retreats are hosted annually. Crossroads 1 occurs immediately before New Student Orientation and Crossroads 2 occurs during fall break. Academic calendars are available online here.

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OMPS has gained approval for participants of the Crossroads 1 Retreat to check-in to their residence halls early. They will be permitted to obtain access their rooms the day of check-in for the Crossroads Retreat; however, as the retreat occurs off-campus, participants will not return to their room until after the retreat. Students are not permitted to give anyone (including family) access to their rooms during the retreat by leaving their student identification cards or room keys.

Participants of the Crossroads Retreats are selected through an application process. Click here for information about applying for the Crossroads Retreat.