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While traveling to the U.S., you may need to carry a certain amount of money until you find a place to live and settle. You should estimate how much you will need for food, transportation, tips, and settling in for at least the first month. We recommend that you have ready access to at least $4,000-$4,500 to cover costs on the way to Emory and during your first month in the U.S. If you choose to purchase traveler’s checks, remember to keep the receipt separate from the traveler’s checks.

Here is an example of certain types of expenses you can expect for a first month. Keep in mind that these amounts are only an estimated average of each item and will vary over time, depending on an individual’s frugality.

Apartment Rental $900 (a wide variety of apartment housing ranges from $800 to higher)

Rental Deposit $900 (first month only)

Food $400

Transportation $400 (automobile lease, insurance, fuel)

Health Insurance $100

Personal Items $ 75

Utilities $325 (electric, water, gas)

Utility Deposits $325 (first month only)

Cable, Internet, Phone $125

TOTAL $3,550

When you make individual purchases, such as groceries, clothing, or personal items, the cost shown on the price tag or label will not include the entire cost of the item. Sales tax is added to your purchase. In the state of Georgia, sales tax is 4%. So 4 cents will be added to every dollar you spend. In DeKalb County, there are certain items that are taxed at a higher rate and can range to 8%. Paying sales tax in addition to the item’s price will be something you will get accustomed to as you shop.