Changing Between Full-Time and Part-Time Employment

ISSS must be notified in advance of change in FTE (Full-Time Employment) whether it is a change from full-time to part-time or viceversa. Because a change in FTE is considered a substantial change in employment conditions, ISSS will be required to file an amended TN petition if you decide to remain in the U.S. or you must travel back to your home country and process back into the U.S. with a letter from your employing department outlining the new conditions of your employment. Mexican Nationals should be aware that they must have a valid TN visa stamp in their passport if they choose the travel option. Also remember that either the petition must be filed and receipted or your travel and re-entry must be completed BEFORE the change in FTE may occur. Therefore it is important that the hiring department and you plan ahead when considering such a change.

You and the department should follow the instructions outlined in requesting an Amendment.