Concurrent Employment

May a TN be paid by more than one employer (also known as Concurrent Employment)?

Since TN status is employer specific; you may only work for the employer who is either noted on your I-94 Departure Record card if you processed into the U.S. through travel, or noted on your I-797 approval notice if your employer filed a petition with USCIS. Basically you can only perform the job indicated in the letter specifying your employment with Emory that was used in either processing TN status through travel or through Emory filing a petition on your behalf. Concurrent employment is possible, but each employer must have issued a letter outlining the employment and both employers are either duly noted on your I-94 Departure Record Card if you decide to process through travel, or you have I-797 approval notices indicating each employer. You should speak with an ISSS scholar advisor before you commence concurrent employment. Working without legal authorization for any employment is a violation of your TN status. So a timely discussion with an ISSS scholar advisor will provide you the necessary advice to safely commence concurrent employment.