Prospective Scholars

Emory University welcomes hundreds of international scholars each year, maintaining approximately 1400-1500 scholars at any given time. Scholars come to Emory for many reasons, including academic research, teaching, exchange programs, medical training, postdoctoral training, observation and project collaboration. At Emory, there are many opportunities for scholars who wish to visit and pursue enhancement of their skills or career goals. Interested scholars should contact the individual Emory department or school of interest to inquire about specific opportunities and requirements. An invitation or job offer directly from the department will need to be obtained in order to begin the process of visa sponsorship for the visit.

For current job openings, see the Emory’s Employment webpage.

Visa Sponsorship

Departments that offer invitations/offers to scholars will request ISSS (International Student and Scholar Programs) to issue any necessary documents the scholar will require for obtaining a visa to enter the U.S. In general, the type of activity and purpose of the visit will determine what type of visa will be required. The decision about the type of visa is primarily the responsibility of the department and ISSS. Visa “sponsorship” means that Emory has agreed to assist the scholar with the process of obtaining a visa in order to come to the U.S. for either employment at Emory or participation in Emory’s Exchange Visitor Program. The most common visa types among Emory scholars are J-1 (Exchange Visitor) and H-1B (Temporary Worker in a Specialty Occupation).