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Transferring to Emory

If you are currently in F-1 or J-1 student status sponsored by another institution, you will need to have your immigration record transferred electronically through SEVIS to Emory University. 

Graduating students in F-1 status beginning a new program of study must transfer their immigration status within the 60-day grace period following successful completion of the current program of study or period of authorized post-completion Optional Practical Training.

Graduating students in J-1 status must transfer their immigration status prior to the expiration date on the DS-2019 form.

Mid-program students must transfer their immigration status prior to the last day of the add/drop period for the next required semester at Emory.

You will need to do the following to complete the transfer:

  1. Download the Emory University Transfer Clearance form.
  2. Contact the Designated School Official (DSO) or Responsible Office (RO) at your current institution about transferring to Emory. The DSO or RO will verify that you are in status and eligible to transfer to Emory by filling out the Transfer Clearance form.
  3. Return the form to the address on the bottom of the form. Please note that there are different addresses for undergraduate students and postgraduate/professional school students.

When your DSO/RO completes the Transfer Clearance form, you will work with him or her to determine which date to set in SEVIS as your "release date" to Emory. Once this date is reached, Emory will be able to access your SEVIS record and issue a new immigration document.

Upon arrival at Emory, graduate students transferring their F-1 status to Emory must attend the international student orientation scheduled for their particular program. Undergraduate students must attend the international student orientation program provided by Emory College of Arts & Sciences. All students transferring their F-1 status will be issued a new I-20 after Emory has registered the SEVIS record. ISSS will notify you when the new I-20 is ready to be picked up.

Entering the United States using the I-20 or DS-2019 from your previous school is not permitted and will result in problems with your legal status. If you do not complete the transfer process on time, you will be in violation of your immigration status.

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