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Allison Dykes

Bryan Meltz

As you may have noticed, we’ve adopted a new look here at the Emory Alumni Association. Our new “I’m IN” logo represents everything we want you to feel as an esteemed member of Emory’s alumni body—inspired, involved, invested . . . and included.

We are your association, and you mean the world to us. In choosing “I’m IN” to represent our organization’s focus, we invite alumni to be active members of the Emory community. Through faculty lectures and stories about today’s student scholars, we want you to feel inspired. Through local events and Emory Cares activities, we want you to remain involved with Emory. Through admission, mentoring, recruiting, hiring, and giving to Emory, we want you to remain invested in keeping your alma mater strong.

We also listened to your needs, and we’ve set strong goals for 2013. Your alumni blog, The Post, and your digital magazine EmoryWire feature new design and even richer content. One of our New Year’s goals is to share with you plenty of inspiring stories and career advice from everyday heroes, world-class scholars, and remarkable businesspeople just like you. In our articles, you’ll meet the dreamers and the doers, the visionaries and the strategists, the grassroots activists and the global leaders. And you’ll learn much more about the fantastic benefits available to you as alumni.

The association is in business because of you—and for you. Visit Emory's Alumni website for an exciting tour of all the ways you are “IN!”

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