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Alumni survey 2012: Second in a series of four

In 2010, the Emory Alumni Association conducted a survey of alumni to identify and prioritize benefits and career service interests. Out of those findings, we set a three-year goal to establish the association as a destination for Alumni Career Services and worked to transform our delivery of them. Results from our more recent 2012 survey reinforced the need for this investment with 60 percent of alumni identifying career services as a “critically or very important service” of the alumni association. Last year, we expanded our offerings even further and focused on accessibility of career services no matter where our alumni live or work. We invite you to take a tour of the new Alumni Career Services office and let us know how we are doing at serving your needs.

Brian Rutter

From Brian Rutter 05B: “As Emory alumni—at any stage of our careers—we’ve amassed not only a set of functional skills that can help others, but a rich arsenal of other kinds of knowledge that allows us to offer advice to others. We know different industries. We understand different types of organizational structures and how to get things done within and with them. We’ve navigated challenges and established great partnerships with others. We’ve been hired; we’ve done the hiring. And, we’ve built a network of valuable connections. As Emory alumni, we are equipped to use this knowledge to help students and fellow alumni get where they want to go. For me, it’s not only important to do so, it’s incredibly rewarding. Providing career connection guidance to others not only has allowed me to help others excel, but has afforded me opportunities to establish and sustain meaningful relationships. That’s what I call giving back!”

An Investment Worth Making

Our network is only as strong as its members. Based on the 2012 survey, 57 percent of Emory graduates want opportunities to network with other alumni, and 60 percent are looking for help identifying job opportunities. You can help us achieve success with three easy steps:

  1. Be a career contact in the Emory Alumni Directory.
  2. Post jobs and internships
  3. Join our LinkedIn Groups; search for Emory Alumni Association.

This is the second in a series exploring Emory’s recent survey of alumni. For more information, see the Alumni website..

SOURCE: The 2012 Emory University Alumni Attitude Study, conducted by Performance Enhancement Group Ltd. N=2,644.

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