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Public transit gets traction

The MARTA board of directors voted in October to approve $2.7 billion in allotments under the More MARTA program, including $350 million slated for the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative, a four-mile light-rail line that would provide commuting options, decrease traffic congestion, and improve sustainability in the Emory area.

"MARTA and the city of Atlanta made a historic commitment to public transportation and to the future of our community. The entire region is one step closer to a smart, sustainable, and efficient transit network that connects communities as never before," says President Claire E. Sterk. "Emory University and Emory Healthcare look forward to joining with businesses, government entities, and others who recognize the importance of this public transit opportunity and are committed to broad partnership to make it a reality."

The Clifton Road corridor serves more than forty thousand employees, fifteen thousand students, and 2 million patient visits per year. Nearly fifty thousand cars pass through each day, according to the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association.

The light-rail project would help ease traffic congestion and provide transit access for thousands of workers who cannot easily reach Emory, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the VA. It would also make it easier for students and faculty to travel to Atlanta.

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