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March 29, 2010

Green buildings LEED to reaching goals

Emory completed the first LEED-certified building in the Southeast, the Whitehead Biomedical Research Building in 2001. At that time, “green” building practices were not commonplace, especially those certified by the U.S. Green Building Council through its nationally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Today, Emory’s portfolio of LEED green buildings stands at 13 and Emory holds the distinction of having one of the largest inventories by square footage of LEED-certified building space among campuses in America (a total of over 1.6 million GSF).

Earlier this month, the addition to the Emory Conference Center Hotel became the most recent LEED-certified building on campus. Six other buildings are expected to receive LEED certification in the near future, which will give Emory more than 2 million GSF of LEED-certified building space.

On March 4, Emory was recognized by the Atlanta Business Journal at its awards ceremony for “Deals of the Decade” when Emory University won in the “Design” category for its green building program.

LEED buildings can save the University water and energy costs. Emory’s sustainable building practices will also help the University reach its energy conservation goals of 25 percent reduced energy use per square foot by 2015 from 2005 levels.

Emory’s LEED buildings


1. Goizueta Business School (LEED Gold)

2. Psychology and Inter-disciplinary Sciences building (LEED Gold)

3. Whitehead Biomedical Research building (LEED Silver)

4. Candler Library (LEED Silver)

5. Turman Residence Hall (LEED Silver)

6. Yerkes Neuroscience Building (LEED Silver)

7. Mathematics and Science Center (LEED Certified)

8. Emory Winship Cancer Institute (LEED Certified)

9. Emory Children’s Center (LEED Certified)

10. Few and Evans Residence Halls (completed; pending certification)

11. Goizueta Business School Addition (LEED Gold)

12. School of Medicine (completed; pending certification)

13. Candler School of Theology/Center for Ethics (pending certification)

14. Emory Conference Center Hotel Addition (LEED Silver)

15. Oxford Road Building (under construction; future LEED)

16. Rollins School of Public Health addition/Claudia Nance Rollins Building (under construction; future LEED)

17. Freshman 4 Residence Hall (under construction; future LEED)

18. Yerkes Field Station (Not shown on map; LEED Gold)

19. Emory’s Oxford College East Village Residence Hall (Not shown on map; LEED Gold).

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