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August 29, 2011

Take Note

New parking enforcement system coming

A new parking enforcement system, featuring automated license plate recognition, is being implemented by the Transportation and Parking Office.

With the new technology, "parking staff can check all of the vehicles in a parking area within a matter of minutes, which helps efficiently ensure there is adequate parking for permit holders," says Lisa Underwood, associate vice president for transportation, parking and community services.

All vehicles need to be registered with their current license plate number and to be pulled into the parking space — not backed in. 

"We don’t want to issue citations in error so we are urging everyone to go online to be sure all vehicles belonging to the permit holder, even vehicles they drive infrequently, are properly and completely registered including license plate numbers," Underwood explains.

To update vehicle information:

• Go to

• Click on "Manage My Parking Account" and follow the prompts to add or update registered vehicle information.

• After verifying your vehicle information, select  "My Permit(s)" to link all vehicles to the permit.

The Transportation and Parking Office also announced that employee parking permits will be automatically renewed for the fiscal year Sept. 1, 2011-Aug. 31, 2012 for those who want to continue parking on campus.

Beginning with the September paycheck, the 2011-12 parking fee will be payroll deducted each month.

However, those want to use another transportation alternative, or who no longer wish to park on campus, should return the parking permit to the Transportation and Parking Office located on the Clairmont Campus in the Starvine Deck, Suite 400B.

See the Commute Option Programs at for commute alternatives.

The office says permits returned after Sept. 1 are eligible for a prorated adjustment to the September payroll deduction.

For more information, contact or call 404.727.7275.

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