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November 14, 2011

New programs enhance summer learning opportunities

Building on the success of the Pre-College Program, Maymester and other new offerings are on tap for summer 2012.

The Office of International and Summer Programs is launching three new summer programs in 2012. These programs are designed to invigorate summer opportunities at Emory, make greater use of campus facilities during the summer, and target the needs of various undergraduate populations.

"We have been very successful with our new Pre-College Program, which now attracts many high school students to campus from across the country during the summer," explains Philip Wainwright, associate dean of international and summer programs. "We want to continue to diversify our programs with hopes that the new programs will be very attractive to both Emory students and visiting students."

The first of these programs is Maymester, a three-week term immediately following graduation (May 15-June 1, 2012) that offers Emory College and visiting undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in intensive academic courses and to earn four credit hours.

Students in the Maymester courses can use the condensed term to explore and experience academic subject matter in ways that may not be available during traditional terms. Courses include "Theater Artist Laboratory," "Cinema and U.S. Foreign Policy," "Ethics of Leadership," "International Shakespeare in a New Media World" and "Dynamics of Living Systems." Some courses fulfill Emory's general education and writing requirements.

A new Clinical Neurology Institute run jointly by faculty from Emory College and the Emory School of Medicine will run concurrent with one of the traditional six-week summer terms in 2012.  It provides undergraduate students with a summer clinical experience as they accompany a neurologist mentor on rounds. Students select, research and present case studies and topics based on their clinical experiences, practice how to make formal case presentations, and learn about current issues in neuroscience during the classroom portion of the institute.

At the institute's conclusion, each student delivers a formal presentation at a conference attended by all of the students and faculty associated with the course. In addition to the extensive clinical and classroom contact, students participate in activities such as lectures, field trips, and film screenings.

The third new program targets incoming international first-year students. Called the Academics and Culture at Emory (ACE) Program, it's a four-week intensive course designed for students who could benefit from additional cultural immersion and English-language study. Students arrive on campus four weeks early, and enroll in American Studies 212, a four-credit course. Students also participate in lectures, field trips and seminars designed to successfully integrate non-native speakers into the academic, social and cultural life at Emory.

"A successful launch of these three new programs is the next step in expanding Emory's summer offerings," Wainwright continued. "We hope to continue to offer more new and exciting programs in coming years."

For further information, email or call 404.727.0671.

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