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November 4, 2011

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HIV testing program seeks participants

A new HIV testing and counseling service developed by researchers at the Rollins School of Public Health and supported by the MAC AIDS Fund is currently recruiting participants in Atlanta and Chicago.

The free program, "Testing Together," targets 200 male couples in each city over the next year and is funded by the MAC AIDS Fund, the philanthropic arm of MAC Cosmetics that supports men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. The couples will test for HIV together and receive their results at the same time with a counselor present to discuss the results.

"We know from our recent research that by testing together and getting results together couples can start an ongoing healthy conversation about HIV and talk openly about building a plan to address sexual health issues in their relationship," says project director Patrick Sullivan, associate professor of epidemiology.

"This is especially important since studies show the only group where rates of new HIV infection are rising in the U.S. is among men having sex with men," adds Sullivan, who will oversee testing and counseling among male couples at AID Atlanta and the Ric Crawford Clinic (formerly AID Gwinnett).

When the project concludes next year, researchers in Atlanta and Chicago will use the results to help develop best practices for other prevention providers desiring to provide this new HIV prevention service.

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