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January 12, 2012

Welcome to Spring Semester

What to know about the tobacco-free transition

Emory enters the new year by resolving to be a tobacco-free campus. As a national leader in higher education, health care and cancer prevention, Emory made the conscious decision to eliminate the use of tobacco campus-wide because of the associated health risks. Emory now joins more than 580 other U.S. colleges and universities and more than 2,800 hospitals and health care organizations that have adopted similar tobacco-free policies.

What should you know about Emory's tobacco-free transition?

Emory is now a tobacco-free campus. Emory's tobacco-free policy went into effect on Jan. 1, 2012, prohibiting smoking and tobacco use on all University and Emory Healthcare properties, including Emory-sponsored events and personal vehicles on Emory property.

All tobacco types are prohibited.  The policy prohibits cigarettes, cigars, pipes, clove cigarettes, ecigarettes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, and any other smoking devices that use tobacco such as hookahs.

Enforcement is everyone's responsibility. All members of the Emory community have the responsibility to let others know about the tobacco-free policy. Be sure to treat people with respect and professionalism, as visitors to campus may not be aware of the new policy.  Sample scripts to assist you in approaching smokers on campus are available at: And if you notice a regular pattern of smoking (someone continuing to smoke in a tobacco-free area), you can anonymously report this activity online at:

Temporary smoking zones are available for a limited time. Until August, there will be 14 temporary smoking zones located on Emory University and Emory Healthcare campuses where the use of tobacco will be permitted.  During this grace period, tobacco users are encouraged to join Emory's tobacco cessation programs. Smoking zone maps can be found at:  Oxford College chose not to implement temporary zones and became completely tobacco-free on Jan. 1. 

Where to get help. For those in the Emory community who need help quitting tobacco, Emory offers numerous tobacco cessation resources and programs at no cost. Find a listing at

Signs of a tobacco-free campus. Increased signage about the tobacco-free policy will be posted around campus and all smoking receptacles will be removed, except for those in the temporary smoking zones.

To learn more about Tobacco-Free Emory, visit

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