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A Successful Program

As debate has evolved over the years, debate at Emory has become increasingly successful. By any measure, the Barkley Forum is one of the finest debate teams in the nation.

Participation. Over 100 Emory students participate in various Forum outreach and intercollegiate debate activities. Out of 40 tournament debaters, more than twenty-five participated in at least one varsity elimination round.

Academic Success. Boasting some of the finest academic records at Emory, debaters are regularly admitted into the finest graduate and professional schools in the nation.

Competitive Success. More than twenty different members of the Barkley Forum have won more than ten national championships since 1995.

Community Service. The Barkley Forum for High Schools, the Emory National Debate Institute, the Atlanta Urban Debate League, coaching internships, public performance, and political debate commentary are all elements of a multi-faceted forensic and academic service organization.