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National Tournament Results

Emory won its first national championship in 1967 when Susan Cahoon, Mark Frankel, Joe Longino, and Bill McDaniel combined to win the Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha (DSR-TKA) national tournament. Since then, 40 Emory students have won over twenty national team championships or individual champion speaker awards:

-Five Novice Nationals titles,
-Five American Debate Association titles,
-Five Cross Examination Debate Association titles,
-Three National Debate Tournament titles, and
-Six top speaker awards at these tournaments.

NDT Results

CEDA Results




2017 American Debate Association Kristen Lowe and Viveth Karthikeyan
2011 Rex Copeland Award Stephen Weil and Ovais Inamullah
2011 Freshman Sophomore Nationals Megan Cambre and Matthew Pesce
2010 Rex Copeland Award Stephen Weil and Ovais Inamullah
2010 National Debate Tournament Stephen Weil (First Individual Speaker)
2008 American Debate Association Nick Miller and Chipp Schwab
2007 National Debate Tournament Aimi Hamraie and Julie Hoehn
2004 Cross Examination Debate Association Michael Beckley and Henry Liu
2004 American Debate Association Mike Greenstein and Vicki Palomo
2002 American Debate Association Rania Nasreddine and Scott Phillips
2002 Cross Examination Debate Association John Rains (First Individual Speaker)
2001 Novice Nationals Michael Beckley and Henry Liu
2000 National Debate Tournament Mike Horowitz and Jon Paul Lupo
1999 Cross Examination Debate Association George Kouros (First Individual Speaker)
1999 Novice Nationals John Rains and Kurt Kastorf
1998 Rex Copeland Award George Kouros and Anjan Sahni
1998 Cross Examination Debate Association Dan Fitzmeier, Stephen Heidt, Vic Tabak and Anne Marie Todd (closed out final round)
1998 Novice Nationals Stephen Bailey, Kamal Ghali, David Harkin and Joey Tavery
1998 American Debate Association Kenya Hansford and Anjan Sahni
1997 Novice Nationals Larry Heftman and Jeff McNabb
1996 National Debate Tournament David Heidt and Kate Shuster
1995 Novice Nationals Dan Fitzmeier and Anjan Sahni
1993 Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha Chris Kellner and Micah Kessler
1993 Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha Mark Kelsey (First Individual Speaker)  
1990 Cross Examination Debate Association Jeff Smith (First Individual Speaker)
1986 Novice Nationals Frank Lowrey and Bryant McFall
1982 Novice Nationals Scott Segal and Mike Weiss
1980 Novice Nationals Bill Brewster and Reggie Smith
1967 Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha Susan Cahoon, Mark Frankel, Joe Longino and Bill McDaniel