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Another Wagner swings into Emory:
For six-and-a half years, Debbie Wagner has lived in this two-story brick home across the street from Shaker Heights High School in the Cleveland suburb of the same name. For most of the last year, Debbie and daughter Christine have lived in the home on their own while husband Jim traveled back and forth from Emory, where he was serving his first year as president. This week Debbie is moving south. Photo by Jon Rou.


“The Today Show’s” Al Roker rolled into campus (very early) on June 3 to do his remote weather broadcasts for that day’s show. Emory was chosen as a location because Olympic athletes with the DeKalb International Training Center are working out on campus in preparation for this summer’s Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Roker stood by the P.E. Center’s track for his on-camera appearances as Emory students and other athletes worked out in the background. Photo by Jon Rou.






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