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February 8, 2010

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Office of Community and Diversity supports mission for diversity

Henrico Norris is a project assistant and writer for the Office of Community and Diversity

The Office of Community and Diversity is dedicated to supporting and enhancing Emory’s commitment to diversity. By providing leadership, encouragement and guidance we hope to increase our institutional capacity for self-reflection, community building and pluralism. We work in partnership with individuals and departments across the campus to strengthen practices of access, equity and inclusion. We support faculty, staff, students and alumni through a variety of programs. Projects for 2010 include:

We Are Emory: Our office recognized the hard work of so many of our peers and colleagues through the launch of the We Are Emory campaign and the 100 Community Builders poster. To increase awareness of the initiative, our office participated in homecoming events, celebrated our community’s achievements through riveting speeches and performances at the We Are Emory reception in January, and worked with groups like the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services and Office of LGBT Life to coordinate displays of support around the Atlanta community.

Engaging with Atlanta History: We are committed to enhancing awareness of the rich history of Atlanta and providing opportunities for the Emory community to engage with our city. Many offices have already laid a useful foundation for this work. For example, in partnership with the Office of University-Community Partnerships (OUCP), we started the Atlanta 101 project, a series of programs that connect Emory and Atlanta history and resources.

Community and Diversity Brochure: The brochure provides an overview of the Office of Community and Diversity. Inside is information about the Center for Women, Office of Disability Services, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and OUCP. It lists resources for faculty, staff and students in every area of the University who endeavor to sustain and renew practices and policies that foster a more inclusive, fair and cohesive community. More than information-sharing, it showcases how these resources combine to facilitate access, strengthen equity and enhance inclusion.

Diversity Profile: Many may ask: “How diverse is Emory University?” We thought we would do our best to provide an answer. Our office is producing a comprehensive demographic census of our learning community — the first of its kind here at Emory. Given the dynamism of the University, the report examines year-by-year trends as well as data from the 2008–2009 academic period. Some of the information reflects trends across the entire University, while other data highlights individual schools and divisions.

Diversity in the Classroom: We are currently compiling this resource guide to provide instructors with strategies for the creation of inclusive classrooms, where diverse groups of students have equal opportunity to succeed and are able to learn in a positive and productive environment regardless of difference. The guide includes useful articles and other resources.

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