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October 4, 2010

New on-campus pharmacy offers convenient service, with a smile

A Pharmacy at Emory pharmacist.

Since it opened in May, The Pharmacy at Emory has provided patients, visitors, students and employees of Emory and Emory Healthcare a convenient on-campus location and attention to customer service.

Located on the second floor of The Emory Clinic Building A — near the skywalk to Emory University Hospital — the new outpatient pharmacy provides all of the services of other large consumer pharmacies within easy access to most individuals on campus.

Director of Outpatient Pharmacy Services George Bachman says that providing a new level of customer service and quicker access to prescription and over-the-counter medications was the goal of the new pharmacy.

"We provide access to all the prescription drugs patients would find at a local pharmacy, most over-the-counter drugs, as well as some more difficult to receive medications that are often needed by patients," says Bachman.

"In fact, the ideal location within Clinic A makes this a very convenient option for our patients, students, staff and faculty to handle all of their pharmacy needs," he says, "without having to leave campus, where they might otherwise need to deal with longer wait times, inability to obtain a medication, finding parking, and dealing with traffic."

In addition to offering medications and supplies, The Pharmacy at Emory has pharmacists available to discuss medicinal concerns in private, one-on-one consultations.

Because of its close relationship with Emory University Hospital Material Management and its wholesaler, The Pharmacy at Emory is often able to order and receive specialty over-the-counter medications and supplies the same day if they are not already in stock, notes Bachman.

The Pharmacy at Emory can receive and verify prescriptions quickly, whether electronically, via fax or telephone.

"This new level of service has allowed us to better serve our patients, their family members, and our faculty, staff and students here at Emory," he says. "It is an exciting opportunity to continue to deliver on our promise of outstanding customer service and patient- and family-centered care, while also extending a high level of pharmaceutical service to many of our thousands of employees and students."

Bachman says although the pharmacy has enjoyed success to date, there is a misperception that the services are only for patients of Emory University Hospital or The Emory Clinic. The Pharmacy at Emory is available for everyone, he emphasizes.

"We called this 'The Pharmacy at Emory' for a reason — and that is because we want to be the community pharmacy for all of the Emory campus," says Bachman. "I think that as more and more people realize what a tremendous cost, time and headache-saving asset they have right here on campus, the busier we will soon become — and that's a great worry to have."

The Pharmacy at Emory is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and can be contacted at 404.778.2022. Bachman says that as demand increases, hours may be added or changed to provide continuous quality service.

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