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July 14, 2011

Take Note

HR course offers a method for managing change positively

Human Resources is offering a new course to staff and faculty on a methodology of change management.

Staff and faculty are often called upon to solve communication issues, redesign processes, or improve other aspects of organizational effectiveness.

The Appreciative Inquiry Practicum encourages employees to be creative and innovative in approaching organizational change by focusing on what is working in their departments and then trying to replicate those models to benefit the overall University.

"Appreciative Inquiry is an exciting way to embrace organizational change," says facilitator Randall Cumbaa, manager of organizational development and employee relations. "Its assumption is simple: Every organization has something that works right. It is a philosophy that incorporates a process for engaging people at any or all levels of an organization to produce effective, positive change."

Participants will be guided through each phase of the Appreciative Inquiry process, and will use its methodology to find examples of the best of Emory and why it is a great place to work, says Cumbaa.

The capstone of the course is a project, where teams will be charged with developing and recommending a proposal and implementation plan.

HR representatives may take the practicum as part of their Human Resources Representative Certificate Program. However, the course is now offered to all employees of Emory, notes Cumbaa.

The next session starts Aug. 5, with a series of workshops continuing through Dec. 8.

Registration is now open. There is no cost to apply. Enrollment is limited to the first 20 approval forms received no later than Friday, July 29. Learn more about how to apply.

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