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October 5, 2011

Take Note

Nominate an 'Unsung Heroine'

The 2011 Unsung Heroines winners were (clockwise from left): Claire Sterk, Massiel Ramos, Leslie Harris, Ali P. Crown, Bridget Spelke, Joelle Rosser, Zoe Hicks, Aline Rafi.

It's time to nominate for the Unsung Heroine Awards, sponsored by the Center for Women.  Nominations are due by Friday, Oct. 7.

An Unsung Heroine is a woman who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at Emory or in the larger community, but whose efforts have not received publicity or formal recognition.

Categories for nominations include for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumnae and retirees.

Examples of the efforts of these women include:

• Taking substantial risks to challenge sexism

• Blazing trails in previously male-dominated environments

• Promoting safety, justice, and equity for girls and women through significant community service

• Serving as role models or mentors for girls or women

Submit a nominee.

For more information, contact the Center for Women.

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