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Vendor Information

Payment Method to Suppliers - ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Emory University's preferred method to remit payment to all Payees (other than exceptions in policy) is via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer.  ACH payments are processed daily.

Emory Policy 2.122 outlines the required and preferred payment method for suppliers, organizations and individuals (payees) who provide goods and services to Emory University.  The policy also identifies any groups that may be exempted from the policy.  If a new supplier request is received without an Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form, the submitter will be directed to the policy.

Billing and Payment to Suppliers

To ensure that our suppliers are paid in a timely manner, we request that all suppliers obtain a valid Emory University authorized purchase order before invoicing the University.   Emory Procurement requires suppliers to obtain a valid Emory University Purchase Order by Procurement Services before delivering goods or services to an Emory department. (Letter to Emory Suppliers regarding Invoice requirements.)

Emory University Payment Services implemented a new Payment Services Invoice Processing System effective April 2, 2012.  With this implementation, please update your Bill To addresses for Emory University in your system to Payment Services, PO Box 740046, Atlanta, GA  30348.  All statements are to be sent to

Vendors and suppliers can visit the Supplier Payment Inquiry to determine if an invoice that has been submitted has been paid.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of the Emory University Purchase Order/Agreement and its provisions and/or any act of performance is limited to the terms and conditions contained in Emory's PO Terms and Conditions.

Additional Supplier Information

To become an Emory supplier, or to find out more about doing business with Emory, visit the main Emory University Suppliers web page.

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