COVID-19 Positive Instructional Guides

Last updated: August 2020


To describe responsibilities with regard to notification and communication in the case of a student, faculty member, or staff member testing positive for COVID-19.


All communications must guard the federally protected privacy of affected individuals, and all information shared by Emory officials and their designates is considered confidential employment or student-related health information. The use and disclosure of this information should be conveyed on a strict need-to-know basis for purposes of responding to the pandemic and assuring workplace and community safety.


This document includes the implementation of a COVID-19 risk mitigation team or officer. Each school or unit should establish a risk mitigation team or officer who is responsible for ensuring appropriate handling of COVID-19-positive faculty, staff, and students including communication, reporting, and cleaning.

  • Administrative unit: This may be handled by the HR lead and the business officer. 
  • Schools: The team should include representatives from both HR/CBO areas and areas with responsibility for students. Communications directors should be included. 

COVID-19 Instructional Guides

Use these instructional guides for information regarding notification and responsibilities in the event an employee, co-worker, or student has symptoms of or is exposed to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Academic Liaisons

Each school or program has more than one designated liaison to reduce vulnerability within the academic support process. Schools will internally manage how cases will be assigned/shared for their respective students.

Important Contacts

Critical Event Preparedness and Response Division (CEPAR)


Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO)


Occupational Injury Management Office (OIM)


Student Health Services (SHS)

Atlanta Campus: 404.727.7551
Oxford Campus: 770.784.8376

Emory Healthcare COVID-19 Information & Nurses Line

404.71.COVID (404.712.6843)

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Team

Every school/unit will designate a team or officer