April 20, 2009

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Photo by jack Kearse
Winship Cancer Institute has earned the National Cancer Institute Cancer Center designation.

A first for Georgia at Emory
When Kristin Moss learned that Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute had earned the coveted National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Designation, she was not surprised. Moss, who undertook a full range of therapies at Winship, including participation in a clinical trial, says that cancer is such a devastating diagnosis, the warmth and personal touch she experienced there are as much a part of what makes a great cancer center as the groundbreaking science and clinical trials.
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Division resizes to fit reduced resources
As part of the University’s overall response to the reduced resource environment, the Division of Campus Services is eliminating 47 positions — 19 of which are currently vacant —
in order to achieve a $2.5 million decrease in the facilities and campus services budgets for FY10. Click here to read the full text of this story.

Cliff routes, schedules changing
Emory will make adjustments to some of its Cliff shuttle schedules and routes starting after Commencement in May, and in June. While shuttle routes and service levels are reviewed and adjusted periodically, this year Emory will make more significant changes based on both a careful review of ridership utilization and budget reductions for transportation services.
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