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January 25, 2010

University Governance Roundup

Employee Council
In keeping with the year’s theme, “Diversity Is…,” the Employee Council heard a talk at the Nov. 18 meeting by Johan Van der Vyver, I. T. Cohen Professor of International Law. Van der Vyver, who has been teaching law for 51 years, spoke about his life in South Africa and some of the barriers that were met and overcome before and after apartheid.

The Council also heard from Candler School of Theology Dean Jan Love, talking about how religion “helps and hurts us.” “Religion is like a cow, it kicks, but it gives milk too,” Love quoted.

President Nina Long gave an overview of Dialog in the Dark and Bodies Exhibition at Atlantic Station, which the Council has encouraged members to experience as part of the diversity theme.

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council has begun work on what Council President Ken Carter describes as the major initiative: Discovering and delineating the centers of excellence at Emory.

In the last meeting of the year Nov. 17, council members discussed different metrics for excellence. “We will start having roundtable discussions on excellence and distinction and refine our ideas,” Carter said. He added, “My ultimate goal is to be able to identify some programs, centers of excellence within the University to make closer connections to other parts — to create stronger links laterally to centers of excellence and distinction across the University. It’s important we share that because we are not in competition with each other.”

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Mike Mandl presented an update on the endowment. The University is looking at different models for spending, the idea being to “take our medicine now” with bigger cuts and “you’ll have more to spend later when the recovery begins,” Carter summarized.

University Senate
The University Senate will join the Faculty Council in its initiative on discovering centers of excellence and distinction, President Ken Carter said.

Members heard a report from the Senate’s diversity committee and Vice President and Deputy to the President Gary Hauk explained Emory traditions at the Nov. 24 meeting.

Santa Ono, vice president of academic initiatives, talked about the undergraduate experience project. The administration is just beginning to compile the results of the surveys and the complete findings of the report will be available next semester, Ono told the Senate.

Carter said another initiative, on morale within the University, is in the nascent stages with the conversation on the topic just getting under way.

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