The Presidential Standard (Protocol for Event Planners)

Protocol for Event Planners & Guests

Welcome to Emory

What does the presidential standard of hospitality at Emory mean?

The presidential standard of hospitality is a collection of protocol standards, traditions observed, and best practices followed at Emory events. This standard—continually refined—creates an atmosphere of genuine hospitality and presents Emory as a destination university. When guests feel welcome and comfortable at an event they are more receptive to Emory's message and more likely to carry it with them and share it with others.

Social event protocol is an art, not a science.  It can differ greatly depending on geographic region (and even within geographic regions). What is appropriate at one university may not be the same as another.  What made sense ten years ago may not fit the Emory community today.  There are few unbreakable rules, but there are some best practices and time honored traditions to help you as you plan an event.

Please check back often as name tag, registration, seating, service, and other protocol guides are published.