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Aid Advantage: “I’ve really built a family here. . . . I know it sounds corny but Emory helped mold me into an adult. I’m just so thankful I can afford this,” said Emory Advantage recipient Evan Dunn 12C in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution profile of the University’s financial aid initiative. Emory Advantage helps students from families with annual total incomes of $100,000 or less who demonstrate a need for financial aid. Dunn, who is from Kennesaw, says people “are floored” when he tells them he will graduate debt-free.

East Meets West: “I’m constantly amazed it’s gotten as far as it has. . . . A lot of it is the sheer energy or power of His Holiness. He has this way of envisioning things and making them happen and inspiring people to make them happen,” biology professor Arri Eisen told the Associated Press about his experience with the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative (ETSI). The AP profiled the cohort of Tibetan Buddhist monks currently studying science on the Emory campus through ETSI at the request of Presidential Distinguished Professor His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. The story and photo essay appeared in more than 130 outlets worldwide.

Egypt Expert: During the height of the uprising in Egypt earlier this year, the New York Times turned to political scientist Carrie Rosefsky Wickham, author of Mobilizing Islam, a 2002 book on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, to help explain the history and evolution of the Islamic organization in the region. “It was a bottom-up, gradual process, beginning with the individual and ultimately reaching all of society. . . . It’s roughly analogous to the evangelical Christian goal of sharing the gospel. Politics were secondary,” she said. Wickham also wrote widely cited opinion pieces in Foreign Affairs magazine and CNN.

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