Sugarcane and Sunshine

Small changes across campus can yield big reductions in energy use and environmental impact

Compostable sugarcane containers

They've replaced polystyrene foam take-out containers at Emory hospitals, says Lynne Ometer, director of food and nutrition services, bolstering Emory Healthcare efforts to "go green." The sugarcane containers—already being used by the University—break down into soil that we use in landscaping on campus, creating a wonderful closed loop," says Ciannat Howett 87C, director of sustainability initiatives.

Solar panels

These were installed on the south side of Oxford College's Haygood Residence Hall after senior lecturer in biology Theodosia Wade pitched the idea to Dean Stephen Bowen. With the help of Oxford's information technology department, Wade and her team are monitoring the solar units' activity to measure the amount of electricity produced. The energy powers a pump that irrigates an educational food garden.

Arbor Day Foundation Recognition

Emory earned its second Tree Campus USA recognition from the Arbor Day Foundation for its dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship. The University established a campus tree advisory committee and tree-care plan; was involved in an Arbor Day observance; and engaged students through a service-learning project.

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