Archive for July 2011

System will address environmental safety (07-29)

Acclaim: Collop, Curran, Essien and Sperling are leaders in their field (07-29)

James Weldon Johnson Institute partners to launch CNN Dialogues (07-28)

Drug combination could block escape route for triple-negative breast cancers (07-27)

Cellular stress can induce yeast to promote prion formation (07-27)

Serve this summer with Volunteer Emory (07-27)

On location at Emory, an emerging film destination (07-25)

Students debate reopening space frontier (07-25)

Emory Point begins construction (07-25)

Blogging course helps faculty navigate, collaborate and create (07-25)

Employee development classes start in August (07-22)

Emory to lead new AIDS vaccine research unit (07-22)

Progesterone foils cancer cell growth (07-22)

Kenya Casey: Foreign study adviser finds home at Emory (07-20)

Helping communities deal with foreclosed, vacant properties (07-20)

Emory looks at Hollywood via video series (07-20)

Postcards to Emory: Faculty and staff expand horizons on summer travels (07-20)

High school students become cancer researchers (07-19)

Clifton Corridor transit project at crucial juncture (07-19)

Acclaim: Bryant, Lynch and Riley recognized (07-19)

Quick test can predict immune response to flu shots (07-14)

HR course offers a method for managing change positively (07-14)

Nursing students and faculty span the globe to provide medical care to those in need (07-14)

Laney Graduate School dean reappointed through 2016 (07-14)

Virtual tour provides highlights of campus (07-12)

Recounting a pioneering career in heart surgery (07-12)

Poet creates a buzz by reading poems over the phone (07-11)

Colombian visitors learn about Ethics Center arts initiative (07-11)

Renovation enhances Emory Inn (07-08)

Nominate artists and arts advocates for Creativity & Arts Awards (07-08)

Sun advice: A Q&A with Holly McCoppin, dermatology (07-08)

Cancer radiation therapy will be faster, more precise (07-08)

Update to May 11 community forum (07-08)

Candler's YTI expands with Alumni Academy (07-06)

Southern Spaces features multimedia on Native American scholarship (07-06)

Mutant flies shed light on inherited intellectual disability (07-06)

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