Dooley with escorts

"Presidents may come, presidents may go; professors may come, professors may go; students may come, students may go; but Dooley goes on forever!"

Dooley represents a quirky tradition on campus. Taking on the first name and middle initial of the current university president, the biology lab skeleton safeguards the official Spirit of Emory. Acting through students selected to don the Dooley mantle, Emory’s official spirit maintains a vigorous and unpredictable presence. The identity of these students is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Each spring students celebrate Emory’s resident spirit in a week of fun, foolishness and rich tradition. Dooley has the power to dismiss class—and that is just the beginning of a memorable week.

Curriculum Vitae

Current name
  • Claire E. Dooley
  • Spirit of Emory
  • Lady of Misrule
  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  • Oxford College
  • Biology
Course Taught
  • Spring Break 101
Office hours
  • Primarily spring, annually
  • Emory University, MDP, 2016
  • Emory University, DPT, 2014
  • Emory University, AA (Oxford), 2012
  • Emory University, LLM, 2011
  • Emory University, MM (Music), 2010
  • Emory University, DPT, 2009
  • Emory University, MD, 2008
  • Emory University, MPH, 2007
  • Emory University, JD, 2006
  • Emory University, BS (Nursing), 2005
  • Emory University, PhD (Liberal Arts), 2003
  • Emory University, MBA/MDiv, 2002
  • Emory University, BA, 1899
Honors and Awards
  • Highest Honors in Creative Writing, 2015
  • J. Gordon Stipe Society for Creative Scholars, 2013
  • Emory Award of Distinction
  • Employee of the Semester, every spring
Academic Appointment
  • President's Cabinet Emeritus
  • Resting in peace
  • Shooting squirt guns
  • Dismissing classes
Current Projects
  • Dooley’s Week
  • Dooley’s Cup
  • Higher education
  • The afterlife
Personal website
  • Dooley, James W. “Viable perambulation techniques for apparitions,” The Emory Wheel, 2006
  • Dooley, James W. “Dry bones: Transgressive behavior and gender confusion in mascots of academe” (PhD thesis), Nature, 2003
  • Dooley, William M. “An analysis of the effects of variable construction noise and dust levels on the rest and relaxation of skeletons,” Smithsonian, 1999
  • Dooley, James T. “An analysis of the optimization of timing the disassembly of organized educational convocations,” CASE Currents, 1985
  • [Anonymous publication] “Reflections of the Skeleton,” The Phoenix, October 1899

Contact Information

Claire E. Dooley
c/o 410 Administration Building
201 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, Ga. 30322


Editor's note: Any resemblance this biography may have to a real person, living or dead, is accidental, unintended and, we believe, metaphysically impossible. Publications listed may be ethereal in nature, making them potentially difficult to find.

  • Emory University, DPT, 2014