Preface (transl. Thomas Epstein)

Words of Gratitude

Mary Cappello. Introduction to Mikhail Epstein

. :
Prologue. Amerussia: Biculturalism and Liberty (transl. Thomas Epstein)


On Dinosaurs (Thomas Epstein)

The March of Time (Thomas Epstein)

On Land (Thomas Dolack)

On Topochrone  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

De-. Spaciousness and Crowding  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

. ...
Russian Spleen: The Journey in Boundless Longing  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

The Provinces  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

On Elements. The Appropriation of Space  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

II. ,

The Line  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

Urban Nomadism  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

The Warehouse  (Jeffrey Karlsen)

The USSR: An Attempt at an Epitaph  (Thomas Epstein)


Mystery of the People (Thomas Dolack)

Mystery of the Intelligentsia (Thomas Dolack)

State's Envy  (Thomas Dolack)

The West in Russia (Thomas Dolack)


Pretty Money (Thomas Epstein)

Of Asparagus and the Bourgeoisie (Thomas Epstein)

Poetics of economy (Thomas Dolack)

Y. O

On Rituals (Thomas Dolack)

Russia and Multiculturalism (Thomas Epstein)

Enlightened Conservatism: Society and Morality (Thomas Dolack)

In the World of Slim Journals and Thick Newspapers (Thomas Epstein)


Love American Style (Thomas Epstein)

Friends and Family (Thomas Epstein)

Easy Death (Thomas Dolack)


The Name of the Century (Thomas Dolack)

Chronocide: A Prologue to the Resurrection of Time (Edward Skidelsky)

The Way the World Ends...  From the Notes on World War IV (Thomas Dolack)


Goodbye to Objects, or the Nabokovian in Nabokov (Mikhail Epstein)

The Minimal Religion, or The Way in the Desert (Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover)

The Return of Angels (Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover)

The World of the End  (Thomas Epstein)

In Place of Conclusion. An Essay on the Essay (Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover)

On the author